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Victim Crisis Assistance & Referral Service

Sunset Area VCARS is a not-for-profit community response program for the entire area that provides immediate short-term emotional and practical support and referral services to victims of crimes and tragic circumstances, 24 hours, seven days a week.

Our service area extends from the Manitoba Border, to White Dog FN,  to Red lake Area, to Ignace, to Nestor Falls and all cities, towns, municipalities, villages and First Nation Communities within these boundaries.

Police officers and other Emergency Service Providers are able to contact Sunset Area VCARS for support, when needed. Where possible Sunset Area VCARS will send a team of trained crisis intervention volunteers to provide on-site, short-term assistance to victims and provide Victims with referrals to community agencies for long-term assistance.

Emergency service providers (Police, ambulance, fire) and victims of crime and tragic circumstances can contact us by calling:

1-807-467-2815 or Toll Free at: 1-877-467-2815

Please use our Web Links for quick access to resources. If you think a link should be added, please email it to ksavcars@kmts.ca.



How Our Services Work

Trained volunteers will respond in person or via phone to provide immediate support for all requests for assistance from all Police and other Emergency Services Providers in the community. When no volunteers are available, or the community is remote, or weather conditions prohibit travel, or the scene is unsafe for volunteers to attend in person; Phone support and Follow-ups calls will be provided.

Volunteers provide Victims with short-term emotional and practical, as needed, until long-term help is found. This will ensure the victim is in a safe place, emotionally stabilized, has support and/or received appropriate referrals. If eligible, we will also provide transportation to a safe place, or to temporary housing and provide other services to make sure victim’s needs are met.

Victims can also be referred to Sunset Area VCARS by service professionals in the community or by self-referral by visiting our office.

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Volunteer ?

Sunset Area VCARS is always in need of dedicated volunteers.
Read more about this exciting opportunity on our volunteer page or contact us at:
Kenora: 1-807-467-2815   Toll Free: 1-877-467-2815

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