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“Your fear is 100% dependent on you for its survival.” - Steve Maraboli


We would like to thank everyone who was able to come out for National Victims of Crime Awareness Week 2015, held at the Lakeside Inn and Conference Centre on April 21, 2015.

We are pleased to announce the day was a success! Although many guests were unable to make it due to the weather conditions, we are still please with the outcome.

Awards were presented, and community partners had the chance to mingle, and get to know each other, and community services a little better; It was a great networking opportunity.

It was an eventful day, with partners, friends and presenters.

We would like to give thanks to all of our speakers, and a special thanks to our guest speaker, Melissa McCormick. Melissa’s  presentation, story and experience was a hit! She has and will continue to inspire many individuals .It is always a pleasure to work with Melissa.

Thank you to all of those whom put efforts forth in preparing for this event, your helping hands were truly appreciated.

We are looking forward to NVCAW 2016, and cannot wait too see everyone again.

We would like to again, thank all those whom were awarded for their dedication in partnership over the years. We look forward to working with all of you again, and cannot wait to continue “Shaping the Future Together”.

Below you will find a list of our speakers as well as the  Agencies, Volunteers and Team Leaders that were recognized for their contributions to Sunset Area Victim Crisis Assistance and Referral Services and to victims of Crime and Tragic Circumstance in our region.

Guest Speakers:

  • Mayor Dave Canfield- City of Kenora
  • Elaine Bright- Pace Law Firm
  • Kathleen Fitzgerald- LWDH Sexual Assault/Partner Abuse & SAFE Kids Program
  • Kristin Bulmer- Victim Witness Assistance Program
  • Shelley Toft and Margaret Meehan- Dryden Native Friendship Centre

Police Services Recognized:

  • Treaty Three Police Services
  • Ontario Provincial Police Kenora Detachment
  • Ontario Provincial Police Dryden Detatchment
  • Dryden Police Services

Community Agencies Recognized:

  • Multicultural Association of Kenora and District
  • Multicultural Association of Kenora – Cecelia Cameron Interpreter
  • Victim Witness Assistance Program in Dryden and Kenora
  • PACE Law Firm
  • Women’s Shelter Saakaate House
  • Kenora Sexual Assault Centre
  • Ralf’s Handiman Service
  • Salvation Army  (Both Dryden and Kenora)
  • Dryden Regional Health Centre, Emergency Department
  • Lake of the Woods District Hospital– Emergency Department
  • LWDH– Sexual Assault Partner abuse Program
  • Northwest EMS
  • City of Kenora Fire Department
  • Hoshizaki House Women’s Shelter
  • Dryden Volunteer Recruitment and Referral Centre
  • Dryden Native Friendship Centre
  • KDSB- Ontario Works Program

Volunteers Recognized:                                        

  • Robert Wittmeier
  • Adrianna Francis
  • Michelle Andy
  • Zinalda Tavares
  • Vicki Shoguchi
  • Shelley McAmmond
  •  Tessa Hanmore 
  • Dana Caines 
  • Corrie Neufeld 
  • Zeila Tavares 
  • Corrin McDonald
  • Merv Flamand
  • Roxanne Mol 
  • Lewis Singleton  
  • Michelle Bertrand

Team Leaders Recognized

  • Ron Neufeld
  • Nathan Stewart
  • Margaret Meehan
  • Tanisha Grandbois

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