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Programs at Sunset Area VCARS

At SAVCARS, we have several core programs for people requiring victim services. You can read about on the links below.

Sunset Area VCARS Referral Program

Sending timely referrals to long-term support services to lessen the impact of trauma and begin the healing journey. 

We work to assess individual needs of our clients, and provide the most relevant and beneficial options for each unique situation.

Encourage client-self-determination, or allow our clients to make all their own decisions about their care and the services they would like to access. 

We strive to meet people where they are at, and find solutions that will work in their lives.

Provide follow-up services to ensure that client needs are still being met by the provided referrals to long-term services. 

Continually work to maintain resource and referral information to maintain up-to date information and accuracy on available programming for our clients.

Referral resources are provided to clients based on individual circumstances and at the discretion of volunteers/staff in accordance with our mandate.

Victims are encouraged to choose the services that best meets their needs.

Call: 1-807-467-2815 or Toll Free: 1-877-467-2815

Sunset Area VCARS Victim Support Program

Trained Crisis Intervention Staff and Volunteers will respond to emergency calls immediately as requests for assistance are received. Calls for emergency assistance must be consented by the victim or client in need. Staff and volunteers will remain with a victim until they are feeling safe, supported and stable. We work to ensure the victim is feeling safe and supported by providing the following:

  • One to One Emotional and Practical Support
  • A Listening Ear
  • A Shoulder to Cry on
  • Validation
  • Required Medical Attention
  • Accompaniment 
  • Transportation to Safety
  • Ensuring basic needs are met
  • Making phone calls, calling friends or family.
  • Assistance with third parties such as insurance companies, funeral homes, legal advice etc.
  • Assistance with Children
  • Various Additional Support dependent on client needs.

We are here to help!

Sunset Area VCARS Victim Quick Response Program

Victim Quick Response Program (VQRP) provides financial assistance in the immediate aftermath (within 45 days) of a crime to ensure victim safety.

The VQRP Program provides assistance for individuals whom have been affected by crimes defined under the Criminal Code of Canada.

These Crimes Include: Serious Assault, Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault, Human Trafficking, Homicide, Hate Crimes and Attempted Murder.

The VQRP Program works to provide Emergency Accommodation & Meals, Emergency Transportation , Personal Needs Items, Emergency Vision Care, Emergency Cell Phones, Emergency Home Safety Repairs, Funeral Expenses (For Families who have been victim to homicide) Counselling Services.

The VQRP program allow staff and volunteers to secure items and services for victims whom are feeling vulnerable, stuck or unsafe. These items are intended to enhance the safety and well-being of the client while lessening the impact of trauma and the burden of associated costs in the aftermath of a crime.

The VQRP Program works to ensure the physical and emotional safety of all victims affected by crime.

*If you or someone you know have been affected by crime and are feeling unsafe, or in need of financial assistance for the above items, please contact our office for more information.

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If you have an Emergency and require assistance Call 911 For a list of our services click the link below     View Our Services